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The Summer of Lisp rolls forward

So today is the day we finalize our application for Google Summer of Code. Fingers crossed, next week I'll be able to blog about how after a two year absence, LispNYC will have been accepted into the program. I really hope we are, because the projects that are shaping up look great and could go a long way in both helping the Lisp community and burnishing its reputation. As a sometimes-computer-musician, I'm particularly excited by the involvement of Project Overtone. It looks like David Liebke of Incanter is getting involved as well.

We're also happy to announce additional support from our friends at Brandorr Group. To show their commitment to open-source, Brandorr has agreed to offer a free Business Class Virtual Machine on Amazon Web Services to any LispNYC students for use on their Summer of Code project.

Re: The Summer of Lisp rolls forward

We'll get in next year, plus we can fund a proposal or two and can offer a minimum number at the get-go.

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