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Yusuke Shinyama


After spending six years in NYC, Yusuke Shinyama went back to his country to save the world. He is now receiving a Special Ninja Training in Tokyo. Or just eating cheap squid sashimi.

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Holy shit. That was the longest tremor I've ever experienced.
Mar 11, 2011
What if Lisp was invented by the Japanese?
It's fun to speculate the cultural influence on a programming language design. One of the notable characteristics of Japanese language is that a verb always comes at the end of a sentence.
Feb 11, 2011
Secret Alien Technology FTW!
Okay, I want to start off this blog with my personal must-read list for young hackers. Because, you know, you can tell everything about a person when you see his/her bookshelf, right?
Feb 4, 2011