Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.CSP and transducers in JavaScript Scheme for a game mission scripting DSL Rhodes: backquote and pretty printing destructuring in Clojure [Video][ANN] reagent-forms library to provide form data bindings using Reagent Shatrov: Living on the edge JSON Parser 1.2.3 is released Distilled, a Kickstarter Project (x-post from /r/clojure) 0.4.0: System & Component Creation for Stuart Sierra's Component Library with starting a keylogger? updated: now more clojurey plus data-loading fun Marshall: A use of Newton's method racket in Y Minutes (basic overview) tutorial CL Blog: Clozure CL 1.10 pre-release available for testing CSS file with monadic parser in Clojure Overview of the Dylan Type System Hyde: Graphical Programming and yEd fun with Kleene algebras and regexes removed from debian testing code explanation Marshall: Solutions in search of problems clojure.contrib a Clojure web app to a VPS another pill to relieve Asyncmania news: August 2014 dist update now available to Clojure/ClojureScript - and believe I have a great app idea - should I use a framework or can you recommend libs etc?'ll represent a real number as computer program that generates the digits. Distilled: An idiosyncratic tour of the best of the classic SICP book, in Clojure adds Reagent as its default Cljs profile issues reading numbers from stdin Shatrov: Web scraping with Common Lisp: cookies and stuff that the "line continuation" arrow at the REPL is a comment update The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Things I Do To PHP (Or: Greenspunning in PHP) aserve to heroku (this one works, unlike the openshift one... sorry about that)[help] two (and a half) questions about a project stubbing with lein-cooper and lein-oneoff wrote an audio meta tagging library called green-tags and I'd like some feedback before incrementing to version 1. (link inside) 2014 videos at a Post Office - Logan Campbell Fontaine: Turn your PostgreSQL queries into Charts with Closure Concept CLR Bootstrap Kawa Scheme language Common Subexpression Elimination In Guile to get help with Common Lisp on debian jessie ppc on how to think while using LISP? -- Common Lisp Implementation Manager finished up my free CLOS-ified graphical adventure game, "Cypress". Enjoy! Kawa Scheme language : an extension for common lisp that makes working with OpenGL simple and familiar Lisp Tips: Declining to handle a condition summary Hunchentoot Applications to Openshift Little Lisp Interpreter in Python to implement Kadane's Algorithm? Racket Blog: Racket v6.1 9 Interpreter updated. Also: new edition of the book! Scheme Continuation saves the execution context?[Call for Papers] 2014 Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop that I don't like Racket... Started with Scheme for Little Scheme the SICP? interpreter to embed in Python application 0.9.4 is out to the standards? - a Scheme implementation in Rust viable option for a command line? tagged delimited continuations with reset and shift Dream Scheme Operating System A simple Scheme compiler for x86_64 systems Monadic List Operators Into Scheme (with Delimited Continuations) analysis in guile, by Andy Wingo all you looking to understand Lambda Calculus Scheme 0.5.5 (R7RS/R6RS) has been released continuations with multiple shifts? I learn Lambda calculus. Continuations Judges and Sponsorships/blog/heow/lisp-judges-and-sponsorshipsThe Inverse of A Famous Equation/blog/lisppets/the-inverse-of-a-famous-equationExpected Blog Contents/blog/cfield/expected-blog-contentsSummer of Code 2012/blog/default/summer-of-code-2012The clojure web-dev ecosystem just gets better and better/blog/brian/the-clojure-webdev-ecosystem-just-gets-better-and-betterLispNYC presentation slides/blog/acheron/lispnyc-presentation-slides(((earthquake!)))/blog/euske/earthquakeA tour of the Clojure landscape/blog/ericlavigne/a-tour-of-the-clojure-landscape