Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.Nick Levine: Brief teaching gig scores high on the happiness scale summary a piece of art using code Levine: ILC 2014 Leiningen plugin for running javascript code through JSLint[eBook, $11] Mastering Clojure Macros: Write Cleaner, Faster, Smarter Code Resources in Datomic using Linked Data Hunchentoot Applications to Openshift Little Lisp Interpreter in Python started with Clojure with IntelliJ, Cursive, and Gorilla Clojure/ClojureScript and Datomic engineer at Listoria, London or remote's up with clojure.contrib.*? Clojure/Clojurescript positions: DiligenceEngine, Toronto, Ontario, or remote Khuong: How to Define New Intrinsics in SBCL's Write a Transducer! Convergence of Modern C++ on the Lisp Programming Style [x-post] Leiningen plugin for generating UML diagrams using PluntUML directories for changes libraries? of ILC 2014 on 8th International Lisp Conference - free download during the conference any clojure test frameworks support running individual tests? Lupton: Quantum Computing and Lisp Leiningen plugin for generating documentation using Asciidoctor and the Beast - Distributed functional programming, part 1 Liberator and Korma to Build a Web-Service in Clojure Lupton: LET-OVER-LAMBDA fixed for SBCL 1.2.2 reasons to use Clojure/ClojureScript on your next web dev project an experiment in a clojure syntax with fewer parens few questions about the Lisp Machine...'s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby in Clojure: Part 6 Clojure for applying side-effect functions on a sequence to implement Kadane's Algorithm? Clojure’s Next Big Idea dosn't work Lupton: LET-OVER-LAMBDA broken in SBCL 1.2.2 me up, Hickey! - Exploring the transducers abstraction. my startup attempt to use ABCL in a production environment? silly question about use and require in the REPL how to begin Example web applications that follow the MVC pattern? A Clojure library for the new GMail API"The Lisp Academy" Zillion Ways to Compute the innner product of two vectors in COMMON LISP lisp alien Marshall: Mini regex golf 2: adding regular expressions - Lisp for iOS, Android, and OS X. Racket Blog: Racket v6.1 the perils of eval 9 Interpreter updated. Also: new edition of the book! s-expressions and RegExps, generate some pretty graphs from SVN logs Scheme Continuation saves the execution context? template system improvements Types and Dylan 2016 Sorensen OSCON 2014 Keynote: "The Concert Programmer" Internals of places and setforms 1.2.2 released project-local library installer for Common Lisp[Call for Papers] 2014 Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop that I don't like Racket... Started with Scheme for Little Scheme the SICP? Choice of Data Structure to Rethink Streams interpreter to embed in Python application 0.9.4 is out to the standards? - a Scheme implementation in Rust viable option for a command line? tagged delimited continuations with reset and shift Dream Scheme Operating System A simple Scheme compiler for x86_64 systems Monadic List Operators Into Scheme (with Delimited Continuations) analysis in guile, by Andy Wingo all you looking to understand Lambda Calculus Scheme 0.5.5 (R7RS/R6RS) has been released continuations with multiple shifts? I learn Lambda calculus. Continuations Scheme: Practical Issues of A Scheme Compiler Judges and Sponsorships/blog/heow/lisp-judges-and-sponsorshipsThe Inverse of A Famous Equation/blog/lisppets/the-inverse-of-a-famous-equationExpected Blog Contents/blog/cfield/expected-blog-contentsSummer of Code 2012/blog/default/summer-of-code-2012The clojure web-dev ecosystem just gets better and better/blog/brian/the-clojure-webdev-ecosystem-just-gets-better-and-betterLispNYC presentation slides/blog/acheron/lispnyc-presentation-slides(((earthquake!)))/blog/euske/earthquakeA tour of the Clojure landscape/blog/ericlavigne/a-tour-of-the-clojure-landscape