Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.RT @mickeynp: I'm pleased to announce that my #emacs ebook, Mastering Emacs, is now out! @skamille: tfw your friends are talking about how AI is totally going to take over humans by 2030 and in the meantime your code can't pa… @johnmaeda: “EMACS is a realtime display editor which can be extended by the user while running.” —RMS http://t.… @lambda_conf: Only 15 hours to support our campaign! Last chance to get early access, swag, or company promos in videos! Plz RT! http://… is Lux?Lux is a new programming language in the making. It's meant to be... you only buy one book this century, make it this! Nobody has deeper Emacs fu than @mickeynp. (Maybe @magnars.) Studio plugin? is down 2.0 Released there a (well documented) lisp flavored dylan ?[News] LispWorks 7.0 is released. least in the Scala track room, the audience seats have a power socket for *every* seat at @LambdaConf. Your move, every other conference•@lambdaconf attendees: I'm told @coltfred has designed the perfect follow-on to my scalaz talk with his "scalaz 102" talk. Don't miss it! @Cinner: I've recorded more than 50 tech conferences @lambda_conf is 1 of 3 to provide daycare for its attendees w/children. How awesome… and Akka – a Comparison (Parallel Universe) Clasp has a developers mailing list PowerVR GPUs via Metal Emacs時の羅針盤@blog: Introduction of Portable Foreign Function Interface (pffi) library時の羅針盤blog_introduction_of_portable_foreign/RT @coltfred: .@rit @lambdaconf Come learn about Foldable, Traverse and how to make things even better! :) Mentioned wrong twitter handle for @lambda_conf a few times. That’s @lambda_conf … @dcheJava: "Concurrency abstraction in Scala" by @jaceklaskowski has just started at #jeeconf #scala #concurrency you, @xpinjection for friendly #jeeconf conference! I met so many people that I'll hardly remember everybody. more static typing possible in Clojure (maybe via macros?) is the best way to do GUIs in Clojure? - @clementd I am down with this nutrition scheme.'s style guide for Isabelle/HOL. Part 1: Good proofs. ~ G. Klein @lsf37 #Isabelle_HOL defn numerals validatin“Scheme - データによる抽象の構築(記号データ(例: 集合の表現(順序付けられたリストとしての集合, 要素の追加, ステップ数))) | Kamimura's…” #プログラミング #Scheme #SICP #kscheme The general and accepted recommendation is to use :as always to maintain that clarity. #clojure know you can require [ :refer :all] to remove the 'io/', but I like the reminder that I'm doing interop. #Clojure tiny* (slurp (io/resource "up.xsl"))) ; *for small files only. Yes, that's a valid name. #Clojure> "this_is_a.xsl" io/resource io/file) pew pew. (Not sure if it is idiomatic, but it sure is fun.) #Clojure ecstatic about our engineering culture and love of #clojure at @printdotio btw one told me there was #Clojure it's userland utility, most reasonable web apps, I'd use #golang. I'm starting to really like this #Clojure thing for data processing. many amazing things happening in the #clojure community and language,,, if you haven't checked it out you really have to @kovasb and I basically wrote Relay/Falcor in about 1 1/2 hours in prep for our @qconnewyork talk Almost not kidding. #clojure learned how to read #edn files in #Clojure A lot better than #json @jakescruggs: #Clojure fans: If you're using a defrecord and you change its interface, then you'll need a "lein clean" before the compil… 2.2.0-beta4 is released #clojure #elasticsearch 1.8.0 is released #clojure hear about functional graphs and how Loom implements them in #clojure @lambda_conf tomorrow at 3 pm! 2.0 is released: #clojure #devops intro to #Clojure if you like to learn #functionalProgramming language Uncle Bob Martin presents Clojure solution is to take such things and wrap them in a function. Hiccup’s down with that. #clojure knowledge at @metageek! Adam teaching some of our other developers (and CTO) about #Clojure. classica invocazione di funzione: func(x,y,z) in #clojure: (func x y z) Facile, vero? Hiccup does not respect embedded conditionals. Now that I know this, I’m honestly not surprised. #clojure @amsclj: Would you like to host the best #clojure meetup in the Netherlands? Good, we're looking for a venue later this June! http://t.c… #clojure talk was very interesting. Now I try to wrap my mind around #haskell - Chris Allen data types workshop is awesome. + 0 (filter #(or (zero? (rem % 3)) (zero? (rem % 5))) (range 1000))) #clojure #projecteuler docs and examples for #Clojure via @heyzk testing with auto-db-rollback-per-test makes for awesomely simple and thorough testing in #clojure Clojure Kata project page is launched! Looking for Clojure contributors! #clojure who is not busy transducing is busy dying. #Clojure #clojurescript live coding on #iOS using #reactnative. I'm a very happy #clojure camper at the moment :) @AnnaPawlicka: If you’d like to join #clojure community on Slack, get yourself an invite here: cool examples of #Microservices architectures in #Clojure #jeeconf just deployed v0.3.0 of ring-edn to Clojars. Update your things. #clojure for my talk about #ETL in #Clojure: #JEEConf by the awesome bidi, Compojure-api also gets bi-directional routing: #clojureПосоветуйте, что лучше по #clojure почитать? @RiczWest: MT @CompSciFact: The Nature of #Lisp #Clojure - an explanation for normal human beings you seen this #video about using #Clojure in production at large scale? You should! for @ApacheSpark for hypothesis testing & refining queries #Clojure via @murraju ( 1.2.4 released! #clojure wrapper to the AWESOME #HikariCP 2.3.8 #JDBC connection pool! #sql #java up your Java project with Clojure: #Clojure #Java is a functional programming language that is better than #Java #jeeconf /cc @mishadoff grim talks about the downgoing oif the ruby boom whats next #clojure, #go, or ?? 1.7.0 RC 1 released. download from: programming #lisp #java"Breeze EHR Simplifies Healthcare with Clojure and Datomic" #lisp #feedlyПриходите на доклад @mishadoff про #DSL на #Clojure, Track C #JEEConf of clojure/compojure was released: #clojure #release STM - What? Why? How? - sw1nn via @sw1nn to get my feet wet with at @doctronic_de #Clojure @CompSciFact: The Nature of #Lisp #Clojure @theburningmonk: Understanding homoiconicity through Clojure macros #clojure #homoiconicity @Functionalworks: It's λ Functional Programming λ Friday! RT if you want to use more #Scala #Haskell #Clojure #Fsharp #Erlang in product… @adulteratedjedi: 9hrs since the first tweet about the Clojure slack and we have nearly 200 users invited. 1 more reason the #clojure co… cool especially if you are something of a PLT geek. Especially if you k...[CFP] *DEADLINE EXTENDED* Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop 2015/list-lisp/52091407-628e-4db4-a91a-863f79b71d1bJust in case anyone is interested, I've been playing with different solutions... Lisp product needs your vote - AllegroGraph submitted by can't stop laughing at the name "vim-sexp". I am such a child. #vim #clojure #lisp @LispDaily: "Once you go functional, you can never go back" #programming #haskel #lisp don't respect channel buffer-size limits? on hyperspec?時の羅針盤@blog: FFI library comparison for R6RS implementations時の羅針盤blog_ffi_library_comparison_for_r6rs/Making fine art using Common Lisp. Really. (I've been getting this art into... Tagged pointers and immediate fixnums, characters, and single-floats in Clasp wrote my first #clojure #code. Looks great! #functional_programming #lisp Hybrid Apps on Android With JS/JVM Sharing Clojurists: Ask Anything a bug in HTML-Template, not sure where to report it - Read files line by line on NodeJS Repl inside Excel reactive programming book - first trivial examples don't work. Mullen, Lou Thrall, Arthur Smiles, Brian Hurt, ? and Rich Minereich (cl...[CFP] SECOND NOTICE: Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop 2015/list-lisp/e025113e-8dd3-4c23-95a4-bdb4065e7d88What compsci concepts do I need to know if I want to take full advantage of the language? Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big - A Clojure Ring handler that does parsing, validation and routing based on swagger definitions Bazerman, Ray Puzio, Jay Sultzberger, Sami Badawi and ?.!: Extending Om Part 2 a small portion of a very large JSON file/array know if Common Lisp has been extended in this direction? This is an i... to get started. Little Prover | The MIT Press @sclv looks great! webgl tutorials ported to gamma/cljs Seattle: Lightning Talks on Lisp [Tue, May 19] #sse   #sbcl   #li... the bar after Gershom's awesome presentation. :-) tonight's presentation: Gershom Bazerman's "From Scheme to Dependent Type Theory in 100 Lines" Bazerman's presentation at LispNYC at Google NYC hosted by Pierre de ... Beane: CLISP supporting libraries need maintainers, too a ClojureScript library for for representing GLSL shaders Analysis using Stanford's CoreNLP