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Iceland's attempts to replant its forests
swannodette: Whenever I’m feeling annoyed about computers, a Rich Hickey talk often helps https://t.co/pk3zMw9NjC
Why I'm Productive in Clojure (2013)
McCLIM: Progress report #10
Zach Beane: UIOP 3.3.0 problems
gigasquid: Blogged: Interop between Clojure/Python/R all on the JVM with Graal https://t.co/fZ0OR0zfL1
RainerJoswig: RT @takeoka: 「Lispマシン・シミュレータ usim とLispマシンの使い方」を書いたなり〜 \(^^;/ https://t.co/729nYt4ALP
Nicolas Hafner: Project Listing - Confession 76
RainerJoswig: RT @dk_jackdaniel: #McCLIM progress report #10: https://t.co/EEP8ZJC2uk #lisp
Quicklisp news: Something to try out: Quicklisp with OpenPGP and SHA verification
Paul Khuong: Rendezvous Hashing: My Baseline "Consistent" Distribution Method
François-René Rideau: A tale of many nests
reddit_lisp: #lisp Treehouse Pt. 8 - Geometry Clipmaps the Third | https://t.co/vjPJU9ImcM
reddit_lisp: #lisp Looking for materials to really "get" macros in lisp | https://t.co/lmJR1c39PU
ajlopez: The latest The Clojure Daily! https://t.co/8aoRcAraMz Thanks to @mschaef_ectw @ITBeHa @cloudevelops #clojure #cybersecurity
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Debuggers you fantasize about | https://t.co/C5QLxUHd3s
ajlopez: Daily Post: Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (45) https://t.co/wbW69Xd0gT #ai
ajlopez: Working on my Clojure presentation
rit: A conference touring partner for @russmiles? https://t.co/yF0fvgrD0E
How much more do u need #fraud #foreclosure #rico #scheme after scheme #FIXIT #wellsfargo @realDonaldTrump… https://t.co/fF42xQ2PhG
@ra I can deal with enough #Lisp to configure my #Emacs, but once there are types, or more more than a few levels involved, I'm dead ☠
Siemens Metal: Commercial language translation on a #Lisp Machine, from 80s/90s. Translated >200 pages per day... https://t.co/dghXqKPIw8
#Clojure Programming Cookbook (True PDF) - https://t.co/qiFoIkYmpG https://t.co/oGQIZ2e6Bd
#Clojure connected to #WinCCOA Scada https://t.co/lnnvRRhL6o
@stuartsierra Did the 'resource scopes' proposal for #clojure ever make it into the language? https://t.co/p0L2VSsYY3
#Clojure Are there many people who totally understand Haskell, yet they prefer Clojure anyways? | https://t.co/eRmxHFtjTu
RT @ClojureAtSO: #clojure #eval #clojurescript #figwheel https://t.co/fVFRsceYcu
The latest The Clojure Daily! https://t.co/PugdoUyisR Thanks to @_seako @justinhj @reddit_lisp #clojure #webdesign
#clojure #eval #clojurescript #figwheel https://t.co/fVFRsceYcu
WOOAAAHHH! I just used #Clojure to write to #PostgreSQL for the first time. These little firsts never get old!

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