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ylecun: RT @ezraklein: If the person who got the most votes became president, Trump would never have become president. Most Americans didn't want…
Lispegistus: RT @NotKallyn: ozzy osbourne showing john lennon how to write heavy metal (1968) https://t.co/ENRS4xP0D5
ylecun: RT @schrep: Here’s a great example of AI making the internet more accessible: a 10X improvement in our system that describes the content of…
ylecun: Autodiff was done in the SN3.1 Lisp interpreter, using graphs of interconnected modules. The SN3.1 Lisp compiler… https://t.co/5SEQOI0ipw
Java on Truffle – Going Fully Metacircular
Tycho Garen : Learning Common Lisp Again
Alexander Artemenko: declt
Jonathan Godbout: Proto Cache: A Caching Story
LispNyc: Check out our live-stream this evening, starting at 6:10pm (EST), for @rvirding’s talk on “A Lisp Flavored Erlang”.… https://t.co/731ekkRJUy
Eric Timmons: Static Executables with SBCL
j2bryson: RT @wafajohal: New paper #HRI2021 "The Valley of non-Distraction: Effect of Robot's Human-likeness on Perception Load" with Nadine Marc…
LispNyc: @mko_io @rvirding @ErlangLisp Indeed. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. https://t.co/EAwCBwNE0e The recordin… https://t.co/XT7xlOTNTA
Google is investigating the actions of another top AI ethicist
Michał Herda: TIL that Common Lisp dynamic variables can be made locally unbound
LispNyc: Join us next Tuesday (January 12) for a talk by @rvirding on @ErlangLisp. https://t.co/8t44umGa4g
Timofei Shatrov: Ichiran@home 2021: the ultimate guide
j2bryson: RT @TravisLacroix: The significant uptick in academic work on AI ethics generally, and artificial moral agency in particular, necessarily i…
Nicolas Hafner: 2020 for Kandria in Review - Gamedev
planetclojure: Full Stack Engineer - Remote (by @nonrecursive) https://t.co/FDwSHHjgBr
seancorfield: If you've watched either of my recent #clojure RDD talks, you should also watch (and re-watch) this excellent talk: https://t.co/eKdZaHnHkr
RealGeneKim: Whoa. “Java on Truffle is now a truly self-hosted Java on Java.” “Indeed, Java on Truffle is a metacircular VM,… https://t.co/nyJri1NB9p
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Check out this @LispNYC recording of #MaheshPaoliniSubramanya's session on #Erlang and #OTP. https://t.co/hYhqq4vnkn @Erla…
jackrusher: @HansHuebner The Interlisp VM is easy to run! https://t.co/J0lct8Glwz The TI Emulator requires a sort of retroco… https://t.co/Zg6971ztaO
luismbo: @jackrusher I'm curious about what the TRACE facilities look like in those older Lisp systems. Do you have any pointers on that?
jackrusher: It's always funny to see a system again after decades. In this case, Zmacs running on the TI Explorer Lisp Machine. https://t.co/QPwjX7RQUL
LispNyc: Check out our recording of #MaheshPaoliniSubramanya's session on #Erlang and #OTP. https://t.co/DLZ84yZhfI @ErlangLisp
Leo Zovic: Profiling `house`. Again.
LispNyc: Merry Lispmas, everyone! @pierredelacaze @heowbert @fare @zbraiterman @masinter @tonyfischetti @MattAlhonte… https://t.co/7TWYAZdt3A
Quicklisp news: December 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available
Back in 2012 one of my first jobs required me to write #AutoLisp for a consulting company, shortly after I moved to… https://t.co/nyV9Wf50pM

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