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Alexander Artemenko: parseq
Michał Herda: The Common Lisp Condition System is out now
ajlopez: RT @DeAIcommunity: A very short intro to Decentralized Artificial Intelligence by the @DeAIcommunity! AKA the #DeAI manifesto‍⚖️‍⚖️ h…
Alexander Artemenko: pzmq
LispNyc: Check out the recording of today’s talk on #Tansley, by @consultingcto. https://t.co/8PhOoPxOW8
Alexander Artemenko: quickfork
LispNyc: Join us tomorrow, along with speaker, @consultingcto. https://t.co/k2LFFjALcb
Quicklisp news: October 2020 Quicklisp dist update now available
Joe Marshall: Apropos of Nothing
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Looking forward to moderating 2 @neo4j #NODES2020 sessions on October 20th, representing @semioticsweb leadership. https:/…
Show HN: Onepanel – Production scale, Kubernetes-native vision AI platform
Alexander Artemenko: font-discovery
Alexander Artemenko: tesseract-capi
Nicolas Hafner: Expanding Outwards - October Kandria Update
LispNyc: Check out our streaming of #JohnCowan’a presentation on R7RS this evening (Tuesday, September 22) at 6pm (EDT). https://t.co/00G1MJudKr
Zach Beane: Non-symbols as keyword arguments
LispNyc: Proud to share that our community member, Data Scientist, @MattAlhonte, will present this Thursday (September 24th)… https://t.co/GuRRiiCyN6
RT @reddit_lisp: #Clojure Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages (PYPL) - 2004/ October 2020 | https://t.co/3UUQeCiNAi
RT @3XS0: Day 29 #clojure/#clojurescript all the way down today. Trying finish up a couple of eatures on an old reagent frontend, Clojure…
RT @code_report: 1 Problem, 8 Programming Languages: Who Will Win? #cpp @rustlang #haskell @scala_lang @dyalogapl @elixirlang #clojure #rub…
Solutions Architect at JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A (Bournemouth, UK) https://t.co/iz77CHqSp6 #clojure
RT @Functionalworks: Serve millions of users every month using Clojure Check out this Clojure Engineer role in London working with Elixir,…
@dustingetz Undervalued aspect of Clojure is Lindy effect: Lisp has been running for 60 years. In 60 years from now… https://t.co/bjqffLoEfc
Sr Technical Product Manager at T-Mobile (@tmobilecareers) [Bothell, WA] https://t.co/PR5kODBbZa #clojure
Will be looking into it. #clojure #deepLearning #keras Deep Diamond - Deep Learning in Clojure is Fast, Simpler th… https://t.co/js2sh80sSp
RT @souenzzo: I wrote about how to solve problems using @fulcrologic and #pathom. They compose the "Graph Stack" in #clojure #clojurescri…
#Clojure Curated Clojure resources for dealing with graph-like data | https://t.co/KW0FD3huQW
Much wild #clojure is just javascript + default immutability (which was the #1 value prop in 2010). Not many JVM/JS… https://t.co/XlQllhh4eC
#Clojure ClojureScript with React (Reagent) - A simple todo app | https://t.co/dlnlymByFy
@krowdthink Meta-programming, lambdas etc ... it is what every programming language tries to be #lisp #clos

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