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rit: RT @chrs00: Timberland not fucking about when it comes to capturing the millennial market. https://t.co/TAfXB7yESj
planetclojure: Clojure Ads.txt Crawler Reporting Site https://t.co/GQBntGfzM6
jeremyheiler: After three weeks off from bowling due to conferences and illness, I started off with a super crappy game, but finished with a 209 and 180.
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Solutions for structuring spec definitions? | https://t.co/CeN2s6zrLX
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Genetic Programming for Byte Beats in ClojureScript | https://t.co/nDR5uqaxOT
reddit_lisp: #Clojure ClojureScript libs for async programming on Node.js and Lumo. | https://t.co/TWTJO1SGYY
rit: RT @joshsimmons: We're running a nonprofit Python conference in Sonoma County and our lineup is better than it has any right to be https:…
ajlopez: The latest The Clojure Daily! https://t.co/2AXmnTyNqb Thanks to @1macias1 @stuarthalloway #clojure
rit: RT @NHLhistorygirl: Ask Nick Backstrom's old Swedish coaches & teammates about him & they reply with "He has a fox behind his ear" (more th…
planetclojure: RT @tiagoluchini: Umlaut, the schema tool I briefly shared in my #clojure_conj talk is opensource. @planetclojure https://t.co/gnpCn6UcvA
otfrom: RT @ClojureBridgeLN: #ClojureBridge alumnae: if you've been to a workshop before, help coach others this time! Coach training 1st Nov https…
Edward – A Turing-Complete Language for Deep Probabilistic Programming
Welcoming Our New Robotic Overlords
Functional calisthenics
What does it take to convince gnome-terminal that when I type C-) I want it to send that to the underlying application? #emacs #lisp
#Clojure halite.io bot competition season 2 | https://t.co/fKtoIJ6NN5
This is wonderful news for the #clojure ecosystem! Thanks for your work! I'm excited to build a course. https://t.co/wcWCJPA9RZ
#ssl #curl #clojure #oauth-2.0 #http-kit https://t.co/eU2yTLyFGL
RT @juxtpro: Yada series part 2 - Concerns with Ring https://t.co/TGV6nEuety #Clojure #Yada
Software Engineer. 2 yrs exp developing, deploying, & testing in #AWS environment. #Java #RubyonRails and #Clojure. https://t.co/YrbxK2SaNX
Please welcome and embrace @LambdaWerk as a gold sponsor! Thanks for the support! #clojuredconf #clojure #Berlin https://t.co/YLm72wq0hW
Important reading on #clojure 1.9 and error messages by @puredanger https://t.co/CpYp8jbMwE
Just want to say how -ing awesome @Candid82's https://t.co/JB3wBkLg0x + https://t.co/pF5FzmQfEc is for #clojure linting!
RT @RicRoberts: “RDF got it right” - @richhickey https://t.co/63R4ELF4Ul #clojure https://t.co/xz2c6U72iU
RT @amsscala: RT JAXenterCOM: #Clojure, #Scala are less bug-prone, #Python induces more defects, study shows https://t.co/cBVovLDsMG …
RT @masonbrowne: On Building a Cloud, and Choosing Lisp: Because Nobody Told Me I Couldn't https://t.co/yYhgIjWO6V #clojure #clojurescript…
#Clojure Does someone remember a talk by Rich Hickey where he mentions that modeling bank accounts as objects... | https://t.co/Igh8hMCdX7
SAP Functional Tester - Software Testing Specialist - TAO, APO,UFT at @CrownEquipment (New Bremen, OH) https://t.co/cVUkLXyL8w #clojure
https://t.co/xOQK4VuUKL Illuminating #CompoundInterest #Clojure #Docker Ebooks and App - @rsachdeva https://t.co/n3JUW1951L
io.aviso/pretty has passed 1 million downloads on clojars #clojure pretty exception reporting

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