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Jose_A_Alonso: #PLconProlog Ejercicios del tema 3 (Estructuras). https://t.co/KJUtqTMffw #Prolog #ProgramaciónLógica
reddit_lisp: #Clojure [ANN] London Clojurians Talk: Joyride VS Code using a Clojure REPL (by Peter Strömberg and Michiel Borkent… https://t.co/0pRadtoAc8
cgrand: RT @ClojureDart: Only 3 weeks to wait! Don’t forget to register!
j2bryson: RT @brianchristian: Struck by the fact that just 11 years ago, a purpose-built AI system played a game of Jeopardy, and it made headlines a…
stylewarning: I can't decide if a blog post entitled "Coalton is Faster than Common Lisp" would be exciting or upsetting to its audience...
j2bryson: RT @dij_tokyo: Registration is open for our @dij_tokyo @nira_japan @MFJTokyoBF symposium Future of Liberalism. Keynote by @PikettyLeMonde,…
metalfinder – CLI tool to find concerts using your local music collection
reddit_lisp: #lisp A scheme to c compiler | https://t.co/C06zuZUHS6
reddit_lisp: #Clojure How well do JVM optimizations work on higher-order functions and function arguments? | https://t.co/e1Cx3Y4Eig
hoffmang: RT @PoorChiaFarmXCH: Ok this is pretty cool GUI tool for compiling currying and encoding #ChiaLisp puzzles. Think the author deserves a lit…
The latest update for #Rookout includes "What is #Clojure? Functional Programming for the #Java Ecosystem" and "7 F… https://t.co/WfbykTENsv
ThorTech Solutions is looking for a Principal Software Engineer - Clojure (Full-Time, Remote) working with Clojur… https://t.co/vITg1GRITS
(28/100) #100DaysOfCode #Clojure So, threading macros has nothing to do with concurrency; it's more about writing… https://t.co/xBYtP0JKsM
Newsroom AI is hiring: Senior Developer in #London https://t.co/y6OWX0hpCb #clojure #redis #javascript
The Lisp Implementafion for the PDP-1 Computer [pdf]
I've been writing about #Clojure lately, but not promoting it here, but I want people to read what I write so here… https://t.co/yKzJCnlUh1
What publicly available #clojure libraries / apps / etc have the most amazing examples of namespace + refer shenanigans?
#Clojure Clojure-Asia May 2022 Online Meetup, Sat 21 May 1330 SGT (0530 UTC) | https://t.co/V8Pjcb615Z
Wanna accurately "grep" your #clojure code using clojure.spec? grasp! https://t.co/XKvuBVT4Bz https://t.co/svNL7lm9gc
Inspired by @wblut circle inversion method with some tweaks. #clojure #generative #math https://t.co/Ijmkemn4Lw
Hey friends, I just published the 6th episode of "How to build an #editor with #Emacs #lisp" . This episode is ded… https://t.co/6gOwvEBHT6
SCI lazy loading for JavaScript environments https://t.co/RuNVDzCzU8 #clojurescript #clojure
Often this is my spartan REPL workflow when developing #clojurescript libraries. I start a CLJS Node.js REPL and u… https://t.co/N0NbtbIGhv
#flutter #dart #clojure https://t.co/SUyXBzd03i
Check out Kroo They're looking for a Tech Lead working with Clojure, Docker & Redux Apply now or tag someone wh… https://t.co/2MJVEDQ4wb
Kroo is looking for a Tech Lead working with Clojure, Docker & Redux Apply now or send to a friend! … https://t.co/qv9RntmeHa
Tech Lead - £90K - 115K Check out this role working with Clojure, Docker & Redux Apply now! … https://t.co/NaHRtystYK
Looking for relying on a modern functional #programming language, while also getting an extremely enthusiastic supp… https://t.co/oX9nPsCMtw
Look what was just dropped in our mailbox! For someone who never misses to mention how joyful Clojure is, it is a b… https://t.co/rOzxgvZP81
RT @PicoLispREPL: Split list on a pattern: : (let Lst (chop "a;b;;cd;;ef;g") (use (@A @Z) (make (while (match '(@A ; ; @…

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