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otfrom: RT @CarolineLucas: It’s completely absurd for PM to claim rejection of his timetable means he has to stop this process. Why could he not do…
otfrom: RT @smolrobots: Wow! This is amazing! https://t.co/2lNquSx7QB
Lispers.de: Berlin Lispers - Talk Announcement - Thursday, 24th October 2019
Quicklisp news: October 2019 Quicklisp dist update now available
otfrom: RT @smolrobots: Kind, helpful robots take into account the accessibility needs of everyone. Do better, designers! https://t.co/a9iO6RD2uA
LispNyc: @RealGeneKim and @EUSP discuss the role functional programming plays in architectural understanding and systems thi… https://t.co/EYyTs72stK
LispNyc: cc: @zbraiterman @abedra @dosourcenotcode @Sidnicious @SushiDude
Didier Verna: TFM 1.0 "Artificial Uncial" is released.
LispNyc: Happy #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth! We proudly remind you that companies like @Secure_Outcomes use Common Lisp for… https://t.co/RPGQVbb7oa
LispNyc: Happy [slightly more than half way through] #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth!
LispNyc: Join us for our next meetup, on Tuesday, November 12: https://t.co/AfVnHv0rWb @zbraiterman @officialsnarwin… https://t.co/FHSoN8NWdL
Paul Khuong: A Couple of (Probabilistic) Worst-case Bounds for Robin Hood Linear Probing
LispNyc: RT @SushiDude: @zbraiterman ICYMI https://t.co/IaX9yVHChU
reddit_lisp: #scheme Can someone please help me with this assignment? | https://t.co/kA1dcaVrWs
reddit_lisp: #Clojure A quick way to start experimenting with Datalog and Datomic | https://t.co/RxHxr5xNQK
xach: See you in Vienna for SBCL20!
ajlopez: The latest The Artificial intelligence Daily! https://t.co/BfzkgLqvt9 Thanks to @sponson #artificialintelligence #ai
ajlopez: The latest The Clojure Daily! https://t.co/VQnA8scnER Thanks to @nid90 @1macias1 @flexiana #clojure #blockchain
reddit_lisp: #Racket Can You Combine Multiple Racket Files into One Main Program? | https://t.co/XGIyKtuuUP
#scheme Change lambda to λ | https://t.co/XdaTJTtqTF
Talk at Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, Thursday, 24th Oct Georg Kinnemann will talk about LISP and AI in the GDR… https://t.co/IP0uIyPwnX
Date for your dairy - 28th November! The #BFPDA Hose Scheme Conference #BFPA & #BFPDA  would like to invite all… https://t.co/irVVan35D3
Do you want to know why all care bears are so happy but the blue one is not? Join my talk about #clojure for web ap… https://t.co/TXnfyUe3G3
Learn and share with the community at #clojurex! Here's a look at last year's keynote session led by @toxi, creator… https://t.co/yGUADmepeg
for config see: https://t.co/wo9S2G0WbW #clojure #clojure2d #generative
RT @clojure_conj: Clojure/conj 2019 Preview: Alexander Oloo - From Lazy Lisper to Confident Clojurist https://t.co/YPJS1F297C #Clojure http…
RT @uochan: Nextjournal いいな。 #clojure で任意のライブラリ使えるからいろいろ遊べそう https://t.co/KKhZlds6wq
Nextjournal いいな。 #clojure で任意のライブラリ使えるからいろいろ遊べそう https://t.co/KKhZlds6wq
Myers' diff algorithm in #Clojure https://t.co/VkdDycNFaR
Ready to upgrade your #FunctionalProgramming skills in #Erlang #elixirlang #Haskell #fsharp #OCaml #Scala #Clojure… https://t.co/8LYs5gIqfc

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002