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MattAlhonte: RT @AJamesMcCarthy: My shot of the 2023 Snow moon, with the hidden colors of the mineral revealed. This 148 megapixel shot was captured usi…
p4bl0: RT @gchampeau: Meta poursuivi en justice par un ancien modérateur kenyan employé d’un sous-traitant. Il juge Facebook responsable de ses tr…
Nicolas Martyanoff: Custom Common Lisp indentation in Emacs
LispNyc: An exciting update from @masinter and the @Interlisp8 team! https://t.co/WLIFU2eJkE
fchollet: The folks in the replies saying "Lisp solves this" are like car enthusiasts telling you your next car should be a 1… https://t.co/b5zrghe6Hw
TurtleWare: Method Combinations
LispNyc: RT @Interlisp8: Thinking about a combined timeline https://t.co/qfn5N4x7qc
Nicolas Martyanoff: ANSI color rendering in SLIME
reddit_lisp: #lisp European Lisp Symposium: April 24th - April 25th 2023, Amsterdam. First keynote speaker announced: Gerald Jay… https://t.co/xqbMJ3Uz7h
LispNyc: RT @Interlisp8: https://t.co/gy1rDHoy4e Lots happening, check it out.
LispNyc: RT @HNTweets: My Encounter with Medley Interlisp: https://t.co/BDwafuAgre Comments: https://t.co/LdhdTawmO0
Lispjobs: DevOps Engineer | HRL Laboratories | Malibu, CA
swmckay: @fchollet Lisp has had this property for literally decades. You can download SBCL and do this now, and it generates… https://t.co/NhZOFCKOLL
Nicolas Martyanoff: Switching between implementations with SLIME
reddit_lisp: #Clojure New Clojurians: Ask Anything - February 06, 2023 | https://t.co/FtTzPJjK02
reddit_lisp: #scheme #FOSDEM23: Andy Wingo - Whippet: A new production embeddable garbage collector for Guile | https://t.co/lMZJbhzEce
p4bl0: Ah je l'avais jamais eu l'étudiant qui fait du chantage en mode "je vous ai contacté vous parce que je sais que vou… https://t.co/eOshb1U4Nq
Jose_A_Alonso: A take on logging. ~ Magnus Therning. https://t.co/FRXQ6TkPnI #Haskell #FunctionalProgramming
Jose_A_Alonso: Witgenstein's influence on artificial intelligence. ~ Piero Molino, Jacopo Tagliabue. https://t.co/zwJgnawwNf #AI
Jose_A_Alonso: Self-programming artificial intelligence using code-generating language models. ~ Alex Sheng, Shankar Padmanabhan.… https://t.co/1EJVrkZy8u
reddit_lisp: #lisp Examples from Chapter 1 of the Introduction to the Practice of Statistics | https://t.co/h5lp4JG4tu
reddit_lisp: #lisp How would you build an optimizing Scheme compiler now a days? | https://t.co/rRz5p03ZMz
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Started reading "Clojure for the brave and true" as recommended, I've bene trying to replicate all sample… https://t.co/4qXR69twaT
Announcing Recolight's remanufacturing conference @Recolight #lighting #lightingindustry #conference #event… https://t.co/idn6N9hLfn
#lisp #Scheme #r7rs #Ol has a special object type "constructor". Constructors are autorun during the binary image… https://t.co/xSLjcygPWw
RT @LispDiscussions: #FOSDEM23: Andrew Whatson. "Introduction to Pre-Scheme" https://t.co/FAUuNF3mrf Discussions: https://t.co/Xj2LHjNY23…
#Clojure New to clojure, where to start? | https://t.co/c6dbTkcd82
#scheme Final SRFI 244: Multiple-value Definitions | https://t.co/MwXTMODrlL
#babashka one-liner: bb -io -e '(keep parse-long *input*)' < /tmp/test.txt #clojure (longer "script" version i… https://t.co/72aTQqpA3n
RT @LispDiscussions: LOOP Common Lisps Superior For https://t.co/78SEaBOqF1 Discussions: https://t.co/1cHxsL0gvR #emacs #lisp #programmi…

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002