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fchollet: In the replies of every tweet showing a video of a police brutality incident today, there are people trying to just… https://t.co/84kJyYgbEr
Swift AWS Lambda Runtime
Alexander Artemenko: cl-ascii-table
_quasi: RT @mark_l_watson: free update for the 6th edition of my book "Loving Common Lisp, or the Savvy Programmer's Secret Weapon" released today:…
Alexander Artemenko: assoc-utils
Alexander Artemenko: data-table
Alexander Artemenko: cl-ppcre-unicode
Alexander Artemenko: jose
Alexander Artemenko: cl-collider
LispNyc: Happy birthday, Rust! https://t.co/4bL2tpESrY
Michał Herda: Call for review: package-local nicknames on CLISP
Michał Herda: Lisp Koans 2.0
Michał Herda: Parentheses and indentation
Jose_A_Alonso: On marketing Haskell. ~ Stephen Diehl (@smdiehl) https://t.co/X7medVvw9y #Haskell #FunctionalProgramming
Alexander Artemenko: trivial-ssh
clojure読んでいて型がほしいなと思うときがある。productionコードはclojure.specが書かれてあるものなのかな? #Clojure #学習
RT @javahippie: A local dev environment should be able to be set up with a single command. In my current #clojure project for example, we h…
LispNyc: #Covid_19 heat map and Markov Chain Modelling in #R, shared via @DataScienceCtrl https://t.co/sTLbxI2zXs
RT @RobStuttaford: This is a fantastic opportunity, #clojure community. Step up! https://t.co/SBwILsWpQ4
RT @fndriven: (count "four + six") #Clojure
Experimenting with sci inside clj-kondo for macroexpansion... #clojure #linting https://t.co/8DzUV90FPt
#clojure #clojure-java-interop https://t.co/p8ZrAz62W2
#Clojure [ANN] clj-salt-api - Clojure Saltstack Client - My first Clojure project | https://t.co/h6CSwwtmt0
#DeveloperSurvey2020 @stackoverfkow what happened to #Clojure!?!?
RT @draganrocks: It's really difficult to bullshit your way with #Clojure. Either I have an idea that I'm currently refining through protot…
Looks like a potentially very slick workflow for deploying some #clojure stuff I’m currently working on.
I just learned that #Clojure has common lisp's (format) as part of core. https://t.co/oVm0CGFunc I am SO HAPPY to… https://t.co/m1inLrB58f
@haHeyoka Hey #clojure folks, can we chip in to make that happen? I just donated some funds via Venmo <at>harlanji… https://t.co/oHwZ1TNonH
Contribute to WorksHub/leona an open source project from WorksHub #clojure #enhancement #helpwanted https://t.co/VNEAc25kFn
RT @jackrusher: Another art print on its way out into the wider world. #clojure #axidraw https://t.co/PFHQT6kpFy

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