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M.I.T. Plans College for Artificial Intelligence, Backed by $1B
How Lisp Became God's Own Programming Language
softprops: RT @chrismunns: Announcing an SLA for AWS Lambda: 99.95% "Monthly Uptime Percentage" as defined here: https://t.co/KgIhAGtaOw #serverless #…
swannodette: RT @petitroll: I love Copenhagen! #PrologRocks https://t.co/ridL0mBR3L
stuarthalloway: RT @atmarc: The new error messages in #clojure 1.10 are much better than in 1.9 https://t.co/AMTbWGTyat I've compared `(let [2])` in Cloj…
Vsevolod Dyomkin: ANN: flight-recorder - a robust REPL logging facility
cemerick: RT @ra: yesterday I landed a 3x speed up to ClojureCLR's namespace loading! if you're into compiler hacking, here's the patch https://t.co/…
strangeloop_stl: "Hazel: A Live Functional Programming Environment with Typed Holes" by Cyrus Omar @neurocy https://t.co/lNaylibRoY #strangeloop2018
otfrom: RT @maxgladstone: Robots are good at planning. FIRST learn to victory dance. THEN kill all hunams https://t.co/4RFRGDpqhP
strangeloop_stl: RT @jazzdan: I wrote about my four favorite talks from @strangeloop_stl 2018 over on the @windmill_eng blog. As the only conference I've ev…
nebogeo: RT @yaxu: An @ercpenelope blog post about a performance with @GiovanniFanfani and @nebogeo mixing Ancient Greek poetry, tablet woven roboti…
HexstreamSoft: You could start by granting the CLOS MOP the respect it deserves. You called it "optional and non-standard" and fai… https://t.co/NFL15dK2N2
tk_riple: Linux (Ubuntu) なら拙作の Scheme Env がそれなりな処理系をインストールすると宣伝してみる。Windows な Sagittarius はインストーラを用意しているとも宣伝してみる。 https://t.co/Nm9WMpCeEZ
Jose_A_Alonso: DBFunctor: Functional data management (type safe ETL/ELT in Haskell). ~ Nikos Karagiannidis.… https://t.co/IMd03a3Zkq
Pedestalの"interceptor"についてだ A Model of Interceptors - LispCast https://t.co/joqV8roH2H #clojure
@plexus I'm looking for the document you were compiling with companies using #Clojure, but Twitter's "search" is no… https://t.co/9xCbqUvKCH
#Clojure Need help with project.clj | https://t.co/xE7WQTkhx3
#dictionary #clojure #reduce https://t.co/zbDjM3dkV6
TIL that #Clojure anonymous functions can be named. Useful for defining multiple-arity anonymous fns.
Is anyone interested in being paid to develop new features for SBCL / port it to a new platform? #lisp
This vid sums up what #clojure dev feels like to me. https://t.co/kvfKUepcOI #feelsgoodman
RT @jacquesdp: 1 thing I learned about F# & Clojure, is that they're both awesome languages for working with data. Each very different, but…
#Mexico #clojure #Hacking #Freedom #cdmx https://t.co/O76ycPu7eY
How Lisp Became God’s Own Programming Language: https://t.co/EDOATcBqju #shared #lisp #clojure
#Clojure Hyperfiddle progress update Q3 2018 | https://t.co/OlQIuZ6QyY
RT @stuarthalloway: "#Clojure multimethods are a simple yet powerful mechanism for runtime polymorphism that is free of the trappings of OO…
#clojure https://t.co/MPo6gfCRhY
#BoehmGC は #保守的GC の一種である。この場合、メモリリークを完全になくす保証はできない。注意。#gauche もこれを使ってるんだ。#ガーベジコレクション #ゴミ集め #lisp #scheme
#Clojure Nikolas Göbel: Incremental Datalog with Differential Dataflows | https://t.co/spxPvX1mEX
Talking this Friday at @GeeCON about the #Clojure REPL!!! https://t.co/aJ2gTWsbHp

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