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softprops: RT @AboutDev: AWS Lambda functions powered by AWS Graviton2 are now available in 12 additional regions. Customers can achieve up to 34% pri…
Tim Bradshaw: Bradshaw's laws
TurtleWare: Buffering Output
Joe Marshall: Observationally Functional
Tim Bradshaw: Simple logging in Common Lisp
Tim Bradshaw: Metatronic macros
Nicolas Hafner: Kandria enters beta - September Kandria Update
Joe Marshall: Playing with raycasting
Joe Marshall: Drawing a circle
vindarel: Lisp for the web: deploying with Systemd, gotchas and solutions
Tim Bradshaw: Macros (from Zyni)
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Check out this @LinkedIn article on Breakneck Babashka on @kubernetesio by #Clojure / functional programming expert, @heo…
hoffmang: RT @eFishCent: I just realized why it's hard for me to explain Metaverse concept to some folks... If you're not into science fiction, or a…
otfrom: RT @RobStuttaford: Clojure LSP + Clj-kondo providing more goodness - I'm using LSP's Find References on a keyword, and it's giving me all t…
stylewarning: If Amazon's AI system recommends products whose combination can only reasonably be interpreted for suicidal use—and… https://t.co/3RTpghAomR
LispNyc: Check out this opportunity to work through Lisp in Small Pieces, along with @chrishouser! https://t.co/8cAO1uL0Yo
LispNyc: Encouraging you to check out @pierredelacaze’s session on recommender systems. https://t.co/eHK250W5fI
LispNyc: Join us on Tuesday (April 12) for our next social event. https://t.co/XqawlkSn3k
LispNyc: Happy #AprilFoolsDay! Proudly sharing RFC 2324, “Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol”. https://t.co/LYrmYTO1tD M… https://t.co/YSApTFtNW9
LispNyc: We remind you to check out recordings from @pierredelacaze’s Probabilistic Machine Learning reading group sessions… https://t.co/kdhQ1N4Mgd
LispNyc: Happy #PiDay!
LispNyc: Join us for our @YouTube livestream of “A Tale of 2 Lisps” today at 6:10pm (EST). https://t.co/OO7o2Baa0p
LispNyc: Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Sharing fond memories of ⁦@ClojureBridge⁩ 2007 team! https://t.co/TA673aUZGl https://t.co/P6GBzQ4MBd
LispNyc: Join us on Tuesday, March 8th, for a “A Tale of Two Lisps” (MakerLisp and ChiaLisp): https://t.co/1eFybm0KXJ
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Check out this @MutualKnowledge #Glow UI demo by your CTO, Alex Plotnick, on our @YouTube channel! https://t.co/3hWCmCbTn1
LispNyc: Check out this presentation on Neural Networks for Sequences, led by @pierredelacaze! https://t.co/1j6VYLZOgo
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: The "functional Kool-Aid... has no side effects". https://t.co/TcKnDlsXBt
As a perpetual #Clojure newbie, doing these cool #koans again ‍: https://t.co/HuE4jCsTLx https://t.co/zIfdoxFSpV
Debugging in Clojure using VSCodium and Calva https://t.co/segmq4mmMT Discussions: https://t.co/VUQjBKzZrA #clojure #programming
Just gonna leave this right here… @SeanCorfield ftw #Clojure https://t.co/4hY0fb4ml6

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

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