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ylecun: A series of AI announcements by Meta: - MTIA v1: an AI chip for fast inference: https://t.co/akQ67IOELa - RSC: 5 ex… https://t.co/v2ZtgcvNqz
Joe Marshall
vindarel: I published 17 videos about Common Lisp macros - learn Lisp with a code-first tutorial
Nicolas Hafner: I've opened up a Patreon - Confession 93
Gábor Melis: On Multifaceted Development and the Role of Documentation
ylecun: RT @MetaAI: Just announced! Join live us on May 18th for #AtScaleMetaAI, a one-day virtual event sharing a look at the next generation of…
Marco Antoniotti: Documenting/debugging HEΛP
Gábor Melis: Try in Emacs
Joe Marshall: Off-sides Penalty
Joe Marshall: The Garden Path
Gábor Melis: DRef and PAX v0.3
LispNyc: Check out @heowbert’s @clojure_conj talk, “Unmanned Systems Flight Planning with Clojure”. https://t.co/YYCDJoBTSg
Joe Marshall: Playing with AI
LispNyc: We’re excited to share that version 100 of the MIT Lisp Machine software has been recovered! https://t.co/YCO5arQ6LT
LispNyc: Encouraging you to join us next Tuesday (March 14th) for a talk by John Tromp on Binary Lambda Calculus. https://t.co/SYF5YWivvh #piDay2023
LispNyc: Encouraging you to join @heowbert for his ClojureCon 2023 talk! https://t.co/HQJI59IvPc
LispNyc: Encouraging you to join us next Tuesday (February 14th) for a Lisp Valentine’s Day social! https://t.co/roJ89APzYQ ❤️
hoffmang: RT @NFTr_pro: Future-proofing NFTs CHIP-0015 enhances the interoperability, composability, and functional capacity of NFTs, by establishin…
rvirding: RT @ErlangSolutions: The second instalment of @loreniuxmr’s blog series is live Dive into what concurrency means to Elixir and Erlang and…
rvirding: RT @loreniuxmr: Finally haha. Here is the second chapter of the #Elixir introductory series, this one is about #processes and #concurrency,…
LispNyc: An exciting update from @masinter and the @Interlisp8 team! https://t.co/WLIFU2eJkE
LispNyc: RT @Interlisp8: Thinking about a combined timeline https://t.co/qfn5N4x7qc
LispNyc: RT @Interlisp8: https://t.co/gy1rDHoy4e Lots happening, check it out.
LispNyc: RT @HNTweets: My Encounter with Medley Interlisp: https://t.co/BDwafuAgre Comments: https://t.co/LdhdTawmO0
perrymetzger: RT @mattpovey: GPT4 cannot summarize the proposed EU regulation of AI because robots.txt. Trivially worked-around but amusing. https://t.co…
InformIT: RT @UsmanSattarMD: Finally got my copy of the most anticipated #AI book of the year “The AI Revolution in Medicine: GPT-4 and Beyond” by @…
stylewarning: Should a (not purely) functional programming language in 2023 have its default/obvious sequence type be a persistent data structure?
LispNyc: Encouraging you to join us on Tuesday (January 12) for our next social meetup. https://t.co/e9PrIszzzF
LispNyc: Encouraging you to check out the @Interlisp8 2022 Annual Report. https://t.co/bBSVLzKv79
LispNyc: Encouraging you to join us tomorrow (Tuesday, December 13) for this year’s Lispukkah 2022 virtual holiday party! https://t.co/OvLlkO2rPV

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

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