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Zach Beane: Want to write Common Lisp for RavenPack? | R. Matthew Emerson
Daniel Vedder: Silicon Valley Syndrome
Paul Khuong: Preemption Is GC for Memory Reordering
Zach Beane: Converter of maps from Reflex Arena to QuakeWorld
Quicklisp news: January 2019 Quicklisp dist update now available
Tech Giants, Gorging on AI Professors Is Bad for You
Daniel Vedder: ASCII Art Animations in Lisp
otfrom: RT @martinklepsch: So folks, how is your proposal for Heart if Clojure coming along? I'd love to see talks on ‍ hiring and training ju…
TurtleWare: My everlasting Common Lisp TODO list
Zach Beane: Writing a natural language date and time parser
McCLIM: "Yule" progress report
xach: RT @stylewarning: Are any #Lisp folks going to @FOSDEM this year? Should group up and have a drink.
otfrom: RT @martinklepsch: Also, what kind of talks would *you* like to see at Heart of Clojure?
reddit_lisp: #lisp To what extent Common Lisp is relevant in 2019 for UI and C interoperation? | https://t.co/LH6uudixym
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Adrian Cockcroft on Sun, Netflix, Clojure, Go, Docker and More | https://t.co/57MBBNDRe6
ajlopez: The latest The Artificial intelligence Daily! https://t.co/jdCr5hIEJD #ai #bigdata
Lispegistus: Also I'm religious so all the robots are dying now and there is nobody to take care of all the specimen pods. But t… https://t.co/DYCrFaTXRJ
ajlopez: The latest The Clojure Daily! https://t.co/d7TCB1UEmM Thanks to @adicirstei @dynamsoft @RicRoberts #clojure #scala
#clojure #ansible #yaml https://t.co/GNA6thT7Wd
Anyone in #Cluj or #Romania doing #Clojure? You should totally consider sending a CFP to @heartofclojure in… https://t.co/jWxWH3WbHV
#Clojure The Pillars of Functional Programming (Part 1) | https://t.co/IVdgQaGxNQ
'Switching from OOP to Functional Programming' by Alexey Avramenko @vvviiimmm aligns us with a better understand… https://t.co/W2TzGUBEU8
"a real world problem solved by #Clojure concurrency primitives" https://t.co/AvmSAcRXWe
string/join #clojure https://t.co/TbNkXsrTUU
Was a fun #clojure workshop at @lambdamcr last night - props to the organisers! If the idea of working with Cloju… https://t.co/B4i2OPTYuq
Doing #Clojure at work? How about encouraging your colleagues to submit to the @heartofclojure CFP? People don't al… https://t.co/hLnAaaeTsQ
A common feedback by attendees at @in_clojure workshop, "not enough real world examples for concurrency primitives… https://t.co/XU4KuEyvcs
RT @mfikes: Help beta test Replete 2.0, which now supports Android! (We also have a spiffy new icon!) Join the open beta: Android: https:…
#clojure #yaml https://t.co/HEZSxBz21M
Performance is always relative to objectives. #Clojure is designed to reach the performance of the JVM, so it is su… https://t.co/rEciG8g8GV

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

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