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SeanTAllen: RT @jilliancyork: Google's Anti-Bullying AI Mistakes Civility for Decency - my latest for @motherboard https://t.co/GPitcX7RbS
LispNYC presentation slides
McCLIM: A GUI Toolkit for Common Lisp
Reflecting on the founding, growth and maturing of Overleaf
Timofei Shatrov: Your personal DIY image search
McCLIM: Progress report #9
Quicklisp news: June 2017 Quicklisp download stats
VoiceOps is hiring back end engineers in SF to build AI for b2b voice data
ECL News: Lisp (ECL) and QML (Qt5) on Android?
jneira: RT @jyothsnasrin: Passionate about functional programming? Join us on our incredible mission to make mainstream programming enjoyable! http…
Quicklisp news: June 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available
Paul Khuong: Chubanov's Projection Methods for 0/1 Programming
McCLIM: Progress report #8
ABCL Dev: ABCL 1.5.0
RainerJoswig: RT @dk_jackdaniel: #McCLIM on top of Hacker News :) https://t.co/VGh0iTweog #lisp
RainerJoswig: another #lisp sunday on Hackernews...
reddit_lisp: #Clojure CLI tool to decrypt Chrome cookies in Clojure | https://t.co/IOwbaQW7iu
reddit_lisp: #Clojure The Most Beautiful Program Ever Written | https://t.co/WDRjQgZtbX
lispmeister: DEF CON 25 - Nathan Seidle - Open Source Safe Cracking Robots https://t.co/dOaii4IizR
Weekend project: I implemented a command line tool to decrypt Chrome cookies using #clojure. Code walkthrough at https://t.co/v21NNZFP7c
#Clojure Creating a minesweeper board with positions | https://t.co/SbdH1Wi2it
3 days with world-class speakers! https://t.co/DArz9We9pq Get your ticket today! #JavaScript #angular #clojure… https://t.co/zuBKOWl956
#Clojure How are you inspecting data(structures)? | https://t.co/WvwzuH8168
Interesting Scheme implementation: Gambit Scheme: https://t.co/UZkc7Ui06L Seen via: https://t.co/FuJfrPPWqW #Scheme #FunctionalProgramming
@dysinger I hope one or more of @golang, #clojure, #scala, @elixirlang, #haskell, or #Ocaml. #groovy/#python/#bash/#awk for quick trials.
#Clojure History of T | https://t.co/PJyHq5kWJB
#Clojure General consensus on Fulcro? | https://t.co/utDPwe2uB3
RT @AmenZwa: Functional programmers who #Lisp need #Emacs and #ParEdit. Non-functional programmers want them. Dysfunctional programmers dis…
RT @metosin: We're organizing #Clojure training (for those who know the basics) the day before #ClojuTRE, Fri, Sept 1st: https://t.co/XtTFa…

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002