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Metal monolith found by helicopter crew in Utah desert
LispNyc: Check out this talk on knowledge extraction by our global leader, @pierredelacaze! https://t.co/xaOJbOrP2o
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Amazing @LispNYC talk on Knowledge Extraction by the brilliant @pierredelacaze! https://t.co/vHLRcjeOPZ @semioticsweb
LispNyc: This may be the merriest #Lispmas we’ve had so far! https://t.co/poSfrybqf5
LispNyc: Join @masinter for a talk on the Medley Interlisp Project, on Tuesday, December 8th. https://t.co/jMBMmzQ1an
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Girls should learn to model... Threats, markets, epidemics, whatever interests them... @OWASPWIA @infosecgirls @wimlds
Michał Herda: Goodbye, Hexstream
LispNyc: Alternatively, you may stream here: https://t.co/EwHoWHhOxF
EmacsConf 2020: State of Retro Gaming in Emacs
Vsevolod Dyomkin: The Common Lisp Condition System Book
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Join @fare tomorrow (Tuesday, November 10) for a @LispNYC talk on "Prototype Object Programing in Gerbil Scheme". https://…
Michał Herda: Damn Fast Priority Queue: a speed-oriented priority queue implementation
Michał Herda: Cafe Latte - a condition system in Java
LispNyc: Join us this evening (6pm EDT) for a talk, “Creationism to Evolutionism of Computer Programming”, by @fare. https://t.co/CwTmsIH02D
Rebuilding the Racket Compiler with Chez Scheme
Nicolas Hafner: Closing in on Production - November Kandria Update
LispNyc: Check out the recording of today’s talk on #Tansley, by @consultingcto. https://t.co/8PhOoPxOW8
LispNyc: Join us tomorrow, along with speaker, @consultingcto. https://t.co/k2LFFjALcb
LispNyc: RT @zbraiterman: Looking forward to moderating 2 @neo4j #NODES2020 sessions on October 20th, representing @semioticsweb leadership. https:/…
Alexander Artemenko: sphinxcontrib-cldomain
ABCL Dev: ABCL 1.8.0
Alexander Artemenko: cl-pdf
LispNyc: Check out our streaming of #JohnCowan’a presentation on R7RS this evening (Tuesday, September 22) at 6pm (EDT). https://t.co/00G1MJudKr
LispNyc: Proud to share that our community member, Data Scientist, @MattAlhonte, will present this Thursday (September 24th)… https://t.co/GuRRiiCyN6
Alexander Artemenko: cl-async-await
LispNyc: Join us on Tuesday, October 13, for a talk on "Tansley, CAD for the Cloud" by @consultingcto. https://t.co/k2LFFjALcb
LispNyc: Check out our streaming of #AndrewSengul’s talk on April, referenced by @HackerNews. https://t.co/eP1YCMyxoN
LispNyc: We are pleased to share this month’s talk, “April, an #APL Compiler for #CommonLisp”, by #AndrewSengul.… https://t.co/ixxhiHzOtl
LispNyc: We are now live with #AndrewSengul. https://t.co/8HXmPfu1j0
oubiwann: RT @LambdaDays: The Very #EarlyBirds are out! Get yours now to join @polikarn @FrancescoC @oubiwann @thompson_si @BartoszMilewski @perditas…

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002