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swannodette: ClojureScript 1.9.660 released with a blog post and everything https://t.co/nq6RzvUHbZ
Solving Industry-specific Problems by Combining AI and Subject Matter Expertise
Show HN: “Crafting Interpreters” chapter, control flow and Turing-completeness
Functional programming in JavaScript is an antipattern
Paul Khuong: Chubanov's Projection Methods for 0/1 Programming
McCLIM: Progress report #8
VW partners with Nvidia to expand its use of AI beyond autonomous vehicles
swannodette: RT @roman01la: ClojureScript website just got a blog! Everything that happens to the language will be posted there https://t.co/6guccimlyr
ABCL Dev: ABCL 1.5.0
Ugarit: content-addressable storage and backup written in Chicken scheme
Nicolas Hafner: Trial "Study Session" Next Saturday, 17th of June
Volvo and Autoliv aim to sell self-driving cars with Nvidia AI tech by 2021
Lispjobs: Lisp programmer, Keepit.com, Lviv, Ukraine
University of Oxford spin-out raises $22M Series A to bring AI to software dev
ABCL Dev: ABCL 1.5.0-rc-0 draft of upcoming User Manual
Paul Khuong: Relaxed Revocable Locks: Mutual Exclusion Modulo Preemption
Patrick Stein: Fog of Light - Starting to Add Star-Fields
Zach Beane: Roger Corman talk in the Bay Area
Quicklisp news: May 2017 Quicklisp dist update now available
planetclojure: Documenting your architecture: Wireshark, PlantUML and a REPL to glue them all. https://t.co/3z9cCWsnf8
cgrand: Sneak peek at extensive tracing for Clojure https://t.co/LXOvdaC5PJ
fogus: Functional Programming in JavaScript: A Dramatization. https://t.co/HZir7lgNeH
reddit_lisp: #Clojure ClojureScript - Faster Compilation/Runtime and Spec Caching Fixes | https://t.co/5Me5CvEiyE
EuroClojure: RT @groundedSAGE: I will make it to @EuroClojure one day. Wish it was this year. Most interesting line up of talks ever! https://t.co/EzTQ1…
clojure_conj: Just 10 more tickets left at the Early Bird rate for #clojure_conj! https://t.co/sYwTejTsYD https://t.co/aa6HFNvikY
planetclojure: ClojureScript method head recur in defrecord https://t.co/u3TG5RcYjt
reddit_lisp: #lisp Metaclasses for C++ (just as awkward as you'd expect) | https://t.co/dWTR0YJI7A
fogus: Indeed the use of AI by top-level players is the very spirit of Engelbart's idea of the augmentation of human intellect.
fogus: The demise of traditional boardgames due to AI has been greatly exaggerated.
papers_we_love: Correspondence: An impossible program - Christopher Strachey Link: https://t.co/PkNTrLpb4t #entscheidungsproblem #halt #turing

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