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danielszmu: RT @ErezRabih: After 6 years of working professionally with #clojure I have gathered my thoughts and poured them out in the @getnanit Engin…
SeanTAllen: I'm dangerous with recursive descent parsers because my brain keeps trying to write left recursive grammars.
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Who is hiring? July 31, 2021 | https://t.co/hkulyPEgm2
Build Your Own Metal Working Shop from Scrap (2011)
The Metaverse Has Always Been a Dystopian Idea
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp Common Lisp Software Engineer - Job at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA | https://t.co/wLYTzNoZmK
reddit_lisp: #Clojure How to print without a newline character being added? | https://t.co/A1DdycTLox
Experience of exposing yourself to #Clojure will surely enrich the way you think of programming and make you a bett… https://t.co/YLnTNb7oy6
#Clojure Nodashka is a babashka-like tool for Node.js | https://t.co/CFFJut8mxj
Das wäre übrigens mit #Clojure nicht passiert. https://t.co/NcoFcvmFIq
Backend Clojure Software Engineer - Remote with competitive compensation Job Title Back-end Software Engineer for… https://t.co/y00KPj3Vwh
Backend Clojure Software Engineer - Remote with competitive compensation Check out this role working with Clojure… https://t.co/y1r3aq68QW
Check out Braveno They're looking for a Backend Clojure Software Engineer - Remote and offering competitive compen… https://t.co/hk2SX1zNH3
Back-end Software Engineer for Braveno core platform (Clojure/Blockchain/Java/Linux/AWS/K8s) Backend Clojure Softw… https://t.co/tFT1wnAbcb
I am always happy to read #clojure in my news feed. It seems to me that the community is getting more active.
Remote QA Automation Engineer with competitive compensation What will you do. #remotework #remotejobs #clojure… https://t.co/dCa0ZiKPkt
#Clojure 6 years of professional clojure | https://t.co/m74Y9u5mSB
RT @borkdude: Nice catch, clj-kondo. #clojure #cljKondo https://t.co/tcUICDCLPe
#Clojure is there a way to execute jar files from leiningen from the clojure compiler | https://t.co/GWJY2WO0in
@CodeWisdom #clojure
#lisp SBCL 2.1.7 released | https://t.co/qReK9kwAhR
Software Engineering - Business Rules Developer at JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A (Wilmington, DE) https://t.co/UpD5zX3iXk #clojure
#Clojure Clojure Deref (July 30, 2021) | https://t.co/agvNFh96aG
#java #clojure #jvm #lisp #leiningen https://t.co/C8JTTNUDkF
Crux 1.18.0 is out via @deobald https://t.co/rp40jezbis #clojure #databases https://t.co/SRlzDYf4DD
#Clojure ChakraUI inspired tailwind components, in reagent/hiccup | https://t.co/QOeUrtruIB
RT @draganrocks: the only AI book that walks the walk ️complete, 100% executable #Clojure code step-by-step instructions ‍♂️full path f…
RT @RustyVermeer: I made a #clojure cli tool that creates interactive blog posts (for clj(s) code) from emacs org-mode files. Uses @borkdud…
#Clojure My brief note on cljfmt configuration | https://t.co/Q9L6KGJFnU
RT @jackrusher: Generative Chrysanthemum yearning toward the photographic style of Karl Blossfeldt. #clojure #generativeart https://t.co/iP…

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

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