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Approaches to PostgreSQL Replication and Backup
j2bryson: RT @Miles_Brundage: Don't think anyone has found the easter eggs in the malicious use of AI report if you do, I'll buy you a cup of coffe…
The Nature of Lisp (2006)
VoiceOps is hiring engineers, salespeople in SF to build AI for B2B voice data
planetclojure: Key Lesson: Building CloudRepo With Clojure https://t.co/HXElHIsUwr
planetclojure: Agreed, I am speaking about static typing in Java versus dynamic typing in Clojure here. https://t.co/4e6q0GrmH8
Emacs Lisp Lambda Expressions Are Not Self-Evaluating
レイコフの「数学の認知科学」を、 #Lisp でプログラミング(全部ではなくて一部の主要部分のプロトタイプ)できたら、すばらしい。 #Prolog でもいいけど。
Show HN: LambStatus – Status page system built on AWS Lambda
A few of the mentors getting involved in Q+A Session on Why Learning Clojure Will Make You A Better Programmer - jo… https://t.co/dz4NBFv3uy
(defmacro dosync [& exprs] `(sync nil ~@exprs)) #clojure
Homoglyph/IDN homograph detection/handling - #Clojure port of #python confusable homoglyphs https://t.co/I4E4lN2mz6 #Programming
#clojure #buddy-auth https://t.co/V183znVoGs
Lambda Calculus in #Clojure https://t.co/8cFVsF6HtP
#Emacs #lisp File and Directory Functions https://t.co/yS1xb4HQ97
@jiyinyiyong I collected some (Blog) feeds about #Clojure. https://t.co/Xy6FaEZe6f
Why do I get no username/password dialog when using buddy-auth? https://t.co/9gughXxSAg #SO #clojure
Awesome people ported https://t.co/eNLHL2ZjnS to #PHP and #Clojure ! https://t.co/5Nl4K5VZ7k by @carbontwelve !… https://t.co/2u8hphgCZC
Q+A Session: Why Learning Clojure Will Make You A Better Programmer - Wednesday 28th February at 18:00 - join our s… https://t.co/AA0iEWyiIq
#Oops! No #lightningTalks today @#LambdaDays? :/ Should've taken closer look @ schedule before! Jak zawsze :D Anywa… https://t.co/Xt5d7P4s2q
SICP author Hal Abelson says coders should read code, just as people read novels https://t.co/fjKWdYC6TV What… https://t.co/tplrSMiTkz
https://t.co/tvv4UcdD4T In this Clojure Tutorial, we build a Feed Forward Neural Network that generates Sketches.… https://t.co/C2y4Dg0VbS
RT @clojuredconf: Ticket sale of the upcoming #Clojure conference in #Berlin ends today (Feb 22) 6:00pm! ⚠️ Please note: You will NOT…
RT @athos0220: #clojure https://t.co/eoTlgllZPc
#clojure https://t.co/eoTlgllZPc
Now that #clojure CLI can consume git deps, it's also possible to run the code pasted on gist directly. Give it a t… https://t.co/CMd9JCfeej
#Clojure Clojurians, please share your knowledges with blogs | https://t.co/zFkTX2yS2X
#clojure https://t.co/vtdqlrzQDM
How can I iterate over a list with a macro? https://t.co/cv2t0YeWd9 #SO #clojure
What does the "S" stand-for in S-expression? https://t.co/UTdzNezdIy #SO #clojure

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